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Granite Kitchen & Bath Countertops in Wichita

Artistic Marble & Granite in Wichita

Over a quarter century of proven performance...

For over 35 years, Artistic Marble and Granite has been providing quality counter tops for it's customers. Locally owned and operated, we take great pride in our reputation for providing a great product and superior customer service.

Our experience and dedication to producing only the best Granite and Quartz counter tops is your assurance that Artistic Marble and Granite's work is second to none.

Our time-proven success - and reputation for total customer satisfaction and fair pricing - is your assurance that going with Artistic Marble and Granite will be rewarding, affordable, and hassle-free.

A recent expansion of our operations promises to offer even greater variety. If you take the time to compare, we think you'll agree... Artistic Marble and Granite really does make the beauty of nature practical and affordable! We look forward to crafting a custom Artistic Marble and Granite product for you.

Our Guarantee

At Artistic Marble and Granite, we carefully inspect every single item we produce. We will correct any defects due to manufacturing the counter tops. If you chose granite, know that some uniqueness may exist and can't be changed, especially the top. You can buy with confidence knowing that your total satisfaction is always our top priority.

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