Our Process


Consultation and Selection

Our showroom has a large selection of countertop products. Choose from materials such as quartzite, granite, marble, quartz, and ultra-compact/porcelain to fit any style.
After choosing the material that best suits your space, we’ll work with you to create an estimate for your unique project. Upon review and approval, the field measure template and installation will be scheduled.


During this step, we will schedule a time to template the area. This will provide a digital template that will be used to cut your countertops and ensure proper fit at the time of installation. Please clear off all counters and complete tear out (if applicable) prior to the template appointment.


Your customized countertop digital template will then be CAD programmed to our state-of-the-art machinery. Your selected material is then cut with a water/saw jet to ensure precise detail and accuracy.
Once cut, the countertop material is edged and polished on our CNC router. The finished cut and polished tops are then inspected and quality checked before loading for transport.


We respect that you have not only selected Artistic Marble & Granite for your project, but also to be in your home. That is why we take every precaution to ensure our mess is our mess alone. We do our absolute best to keep your home neat and clean but unfortunately a little dust is unavoidable. We recommend removing contents of drawers/cabinets, at your discretion, to keep your possessions clean. Rest assured, you are left with what we feel will be a personal work of art that will add beauty and equity to your home. We also sell stone care products like sealer, polish and cleaner for proper care and maintenance long after we’re gone.
Once your new countertops are installed, we’ll do a complete walk through to ensure that nothing was missed and you are left with only the best quality and service. You can also find on our website a care and maintenance brochure, as well as calling our office with any questions on maintenance or warranty information. You can take comfort in the fact that if you have a question afterwards, we are local and here to help.
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Expedited Delivery & Installation

At Artistic Marble & Granite, our turnkey process ensures you select the best material and guarantees minimal disruption to your busy life, so you get the stress-free experience you deserve and counters you’re proud of. We strive to provide you with a quote for your project within 1 to 2 business days after receiving your project measurements. Have your countertops installed within 7 business days!